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Airmaster 16 foot Trampoline & 
Trampoline Enclosure Combo
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Bigger One Than Your Neighbors?
You can with our Airmaster 16-Foot Trampoline

The Airmaster 16' trampoline is larger and has more jumping surface.
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Now you can have the Biggest One in the neighborhood
Be the envy of all your friends.

Trampoline & Enclosure Combo
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The Airmaster 16-foot trampoline is one of the BEST & LARGEST round trampolines made. It is NOT an inexpensive trampoline. It cost more than a department store unit, because you get more. It uses a very heavy duty galvanized boxed end frame  to make a very rigid support for the springs to attach, 108 full length quality 8.5" galvanized springs for a superior bounce and long life, six (6) heavy duty w-shaped legs for added support and stability and a nice wide frame pad to protect the jumper from injury.
This quality trampoline will provide you and your family years of trouble free enjoyment.

We know you can go to lots of places and purchase a trampoline but, The Airmaster 16-foot trampoline is not sold in large discount super centers and warehouse clubs. Most trampolines found at mass merchants use a thinner gauge frame with thinner frame pads, shorter and fewer springs than the Airmaster 16-foot trampoline. That is part of the reason they can sell them for a lot less money. You get what you pay for! We consider a good quality 16-foot trampoline to have a setup weight of at least 200 lbs. That means that when you get your trampoline set up in your yard, it should weigh 200 lbs. Keep that in mind when shopping for a full size trampoline. Many 16-foot trampolines only have a boxed weight somewhere around 170 lbs. It's like "Hey where is the rest of my Trampoline"? It's missing about 25 -30 lbs of Quality! The AirMaster 16-foot trampoline has a boxed weight of 212 lbs.

A Quality Bounce is what you get with the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline.

With its strong rigid frame along with a nice quality springs, you get a deep quality bounce. Keep in mind your’re buying the "Bounce" and not just a Trampoline. The Airmaster 16-foot trampoline reminds us of jumping on a huge bass drum. Deep and Rich!

The Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline is a high-quality trampoline designed for rugged outdoor entertainment. The round frame encourages Trampoline users to remain bouncing in the center to experience the full rebounding ability of the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline. Showcasing a large 14-foot rebounding surface and 108-8.5 Inch heavy duty springs, offers hours of entertainment for kids age 6 years and up.

With the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline, even inexperienced jumpers can experience the fun and physical benefits of bouncing on Trampolines. Off season, athletes can also use the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline to build strength, stamina and coordination.

The Airmaster 16-foot trampoline features six w-shaped leg units.As an added feature, the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline uses a 1.0 inch thick closed cell foam pad.

Featuring a near 1.0 inch low compression padding, the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline frame pad is impact resistant to protect users and safely cover the frame, and springs. The frame is constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel, and six “W” shaped legs, the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline is a durable and sturdy Trampoline that absorbs the impact of each bounce throughout the entire frame. The Trampoline accommodates one Trampoline user at a time. For a safe and enjoyable Trampoline experience, adult supervision is highly recommended. 

Extra-Wide Frame Pad

Extra-wide to cover more of the frame and springs, the Airmaster 16- foot Trampoline features a 14 inch wide frame pad that provides an extra 4 inches of safety for the jumper than a standard frame pad. Although, the frame pad is extra-wide, it does not interfere with the rebounding ability of the Trampoline. 
As an added feature, the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline uses a near 1.0 inch layer of closed cell foam padding. The Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline provides the jumper with padded protection that is both cushioned and reliable. The thick layer of padding provides padding that is flexible, and moisture resistant for easy storage outdoors. With a low compression set, and excellent impact resistance, the thick layer of padding is ideal for absorbing contact and reducing injuries. 

14-foot Rebounding Surface

The 14-foot Polypropylene rebounding surface creates a jumping surface that is firm and stable, yet is flexible enough to cushion your landings. A material with high elasticity and low deformity the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline will let you momentarily fly! Features a screen target in the middle of the jumping surface for easy orientation. With excellent UV resistance, and included sunscreen stitching protector, you can safely store your Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline outdoors. 

Optional Accessories

Weather Cover

The optional weather cover helps shield the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline from the elements. The weather cover helps to protect the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline material and stitching against UV rays, to reduce damage and increase the life span of your Trampoline. With the optional weather cover, it will effectively protect the trampoline's materials and stitching against UV sunrays and other outdoor elements. For easy attachment and secure fastening the weather cover has been equipped with Thermal plastic buckles. The weather cover snugly fits over your Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline. 
Note: Weather Covers will not fit units with enclosures installed.


The optional 2 step metal Trampoline ladder allows you to safely and conveniently mount and dismount the Trampoline. Featuring powder coated steel tubing, the ladder is removable and can will easily be stored when not in use. The Trampoline 2-step ladder provides you with easy access for mounting and dismounting your 16-foot Trampoline. Suited for Trampolines 36 inches in height, the ladder is ideal for the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline. 

Courtesy of the manufacturer, the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline is fully equipped with important information regarding proper assembly, usage and safety precautions. The manufacturer recommends that all Trampoline users and supervisors read the informational user brochure before using the Trampoline.

If you compare the Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline to any mass merchant unit, we know you will find their low price is not as good a deal as it seems. Avoid the disappointment of a lesser quality trampoline by knowing that you have bought best. The Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline from

  • Features a Screened Target For More Focused Jumping
  • FRAME HElGHT...................... 36"
  • SPRlNGS .................................108 (8 1/2" HEAVY DUTY GALVANIZED STEEL)
  • SHlPPlNG WElGHT..............212 LBS. IN 3 BOXES

  • Box A Contents: 6 Top Rails With No Leg Sockets
    1 14' bgi Frame Pad, 2 extra springs, instructions
    Box A Dims: 56" x 20" x 11".........53 lbs.

    Box B Contents: 1 Jumping Mat, 6 Leg Bases, 12 Leg Extensions
    6 Top Rails With Leg Sockets, 
    Box B Dims: 53" x 19" x 9" ....108 lbs

    Box C Contents: 108 springs 8.5"
    Box C Dims: 13" x 10" x 10"....51 lbs

    Reasons you should consider the Airmaster 16-foot 
    Trampoline over other Trampolines:

  • Highest Quality
  • Largest size
  • Superior Bounce
  • Nicer two tone blue & green frame pads
  • Boxed end swedged frame (prevents bowing & twisting)
  • 6 legs vs. 4 on others
  • Targeted mat shows jumper the mats center
  • Sunscreen stitching protector for increased mat life



    Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline only:


    Delivered to your door via UPS / Fedex
    Please note if this item is a gift:
    This item will ship in the manufacturer's 
    original packaging, which may reveal the
    contents inside. 

$ave Moneywith our 
16-Foot Trampoline Combo Package:

Airmaster 16' combo package.
Shown with optional enclosure and ladder installed
Larger View

  • AIRMASTER 16' ROUND TRAMPOLINE / TRD16AM includes deluxe frame pads and instructions.

  • Offers protection from falling and bouncing off trampoline
  • Attaches to trampoline frame - No cutting or drilling required 
  • Soft nylon netting
  • 12 Heavy Duty galvanized poles extend 6-foot above top rails
  • Zippered net doorway for safe and easy entry and exit
  • Galvanized steel support poles
  • Easy net-to-pole attachment
  • Blue and Green Foam padding covers support poles
  • Blue and Green End Caps
  • Style & colors may vary from item shown

  • Airmaster 16-foot Trampoline & Trampoline Enclosure Combo:

    TRD16AMC:Add to Cart

    Delivered to your door via UPS / FedEx.

    Please note if this item is a gift:
    This item will ship in the manufacturer's
    original packaging, which may reveal the
    contents inside. 

Return Policy

Your complete satisfaction is important to us. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your new Airmaster 16 foot Trampoline, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price (excluding return shipping charges).

We offer this 100% satisfaction guarantee for the first 30 days after your receipt of the Airmaster 16 foot Trampoline.

Trampoline Limited Warranty

This trampoline has been expertly designed and inspected prior to shipment. If properly operated it should provide you with the ultimate in service. This warranty applies to the original purchaser only.

All parts contained in this trampoline are warranted to be free from defects from the date of the original purchase. Within this period we will either replace the defective parts, or, at our option, repair the trampoline with the a prorated cost to the owner for the parts or labor incurred. This warranty presumes normal and reasonable use of the equipment for the purpose for which it was designed to be used.

Airmaster trampolines are warranted against manufacturers defects for the length of time indicated. This is just a summary; for additional information, refer to the user's manual. These warranties apply to products sold in the United States.

All Airmaster Series Round Trampolines:

  • Frame Pads: Free from defect for 6 months.
  • Springs: 2 Years
  • Steel Frames: 10 Years
  • Bed Stitching: 2 Years (Note: This applies only to the outer edge of stitching that attaches the rings to the bed.)
  • Bed: Prorated against manufacturer's defects for 5 years as follows:
  • 100% for the First Year. 50% for the Second Year. 35% for the Third Year. 20% for the Fourth Year. 10% for the Fifth Year from the date of purchase.
  • (Note: This five-year prorated warranty applies only to the jumping surface. It does not cover the stitching on the  outer edge.)

    Trampoline Enclosures:

    • Net - 90 days
    • Net Support Poles - 10 years
    • Net Suspension Cords - 6 months
    • Other components - 1 year
    • For ages 6 years and up
    • Adult assembly required
    This warranty does not cover equipment that has been tampered with, subjected to negligent use, accidents, other damages, misuse or abuse, including  such things as tears and rips, burns, cuts, snags, and scrapes. Furthermore, equipment or parts must be sent to us prepaid for our examination.
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