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BBQ Pits & Smokers

The idea for a "pit" type of cooking device was designed from looking at the old smokehouses. The meat was hung in a ventilated house and the smoke, with a small amount of heat, was funneled to the house from some distance away. To understand your pit, there are a few things you should know. The definition of a Bar-B-Que, is simply meat cooked on a wood fire. However, it is a little more refined than that. When you cook directly over the coals it is commonly called charcoal grilling. When you cook using indirect heat and smoke, the process is considerably slower and the results in a more tender, tasty meat. This is commonly called Bar-B-Queing. Smoking is not a process of cooking. It is a process of curing. However, we slow this process down a little more than Bar-B-Que and call it smoking. It is mainly used for such things as turkey or hams. Sausage is excellent this way. One thing that has begun to catch on is smoked salmon. It is very tasty and is available in larger supermarkets. Keep these principles in mind when selecting your pit and after you have it, it will help you select the process to use to cook a particular cut of meat.

From the oil fields of Texas comes the most innovative concept in barbeque pits. Made of 1/4" steel, these units are guaranteed against burnout for a lifetime of enjoyment.  This style of grill originated when a welder would have an odd piece of pipe left over from a section of pipeline.  You can imagine the results!

Finally, a man by the name of Charles Davenport of Uvalde, Texas, took an interest in  making a better pit.  After experimenting with smoking, cooking and southern-style  barbecue, he engineered the proper draft to control both the heat and smoke. This is one impressive pit!

A very important part of this design is indirect cooking.  By separating the fire from the meat, grease fires are eliminated as well as adverse effects on grilling directly over your heat source.

When attempting to obtain a charcoal flavor, direct cooking sears the meat surface, preventing the flavorful smoke from penetrating. Meat just gets charred when done over direct heat, and some folks think that's the charcoal flavor!

This is true of both gas and charcoal grills.  All our our grills are designed to be used as smokers as well as grills. That's because all of our units have stack dampers and a butterfly intake draft for smoke and heat control.  If you choose, you can put charcoal under all the grill surfaces and cook with direct heat.

Lyfe Tyme built their first pit using this design in the late 60's and have watched it catch on steadily. The reason for its gain in popularity is simple: It cooks great!

So relax. Lie back in your hammock and let the perfect pit do your work for you.

There are several brands on the market and one is probably as good as the other since the basic principles is the same. There is one thing that varies considerably; that is price. We think we have the best on the market for the price. You can add all kinds of chrome, stainless steel, wood, ect., but they don't make it cook any better.

We hope that you enjoy your LYFE TYME pit, and that you tell all your friends where you got it.
Proudly Made in Texas!

Lifetime Warranty:
Your Lyfe Tyme grill is guaranteed against burn-out in the fire-box section of your grill for as long as you (the original purchaser) own it. The guarantee does not cover rust, abuse or neglect.  Lyfe Tyme reserves the sole right to distinguish between neglect (rust) and abuse or burn-out.

Lyfe Tyme BBQ Grills & BBQ Smokers

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