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Trampoline Enclosures & Parts

Trampoline Enclosure Systems
Sizes to fit most round & rectangle trampolines
Trampolines sold separately!

With a 360° enclosure, you can let your kids jump with 
less supervision --without worry!

Millions of families in the United States own trampolines, but virtually none of them have a device to keep jumpers from falling off. Fall-off injuries account for about 80% of the total injuries from trampoline use. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that there were over 83,000 injuries in 1996 directly resulting from trampoline use . . . and this number only accounts for injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms, not the many thousands of less severe injuries. How many families do you know who have had a trampoline, only to get rid of it because the kids lose interest? By having both a dynamic play surface (the trampoline) plus an enclosed space (inside the enclosure fence), there are now infinite possibilities for new and creative fun. For about the same price as an average mountain bike, which fits only one family member, the trampoline enclosure fits the entire family. It's a great way for the family to have fun together. Features: Sizes to fit 8' to 16' round trampolines from all major manufacturers. Mounts on the trampoline without frame modification. New, technologically-advanced net material has superior tensile strength. Unique independent suspension system allows net to cushion and absorb impact from falls. Overlapping entry permits continuous access while maintaining 360° of protection. Designed with  durability, and fun in mind. All parts designed to withstand UV and weather exposure. Steel poles are galvanized inside and out, for corrosion-resistance. Shock-absorbing padded poles flex on impact. Easily assembled with small hand tools. Unit includes printed assembly instructions. Benefits: Substantially reduces the single biggest risk of injury on a trampoline-the risk of falling off. Comprehensive studies show that 80% of all trampoline injuries result from such falls. Adds both security and fun to your trampoline at the same time. Extends the useful life of the trampoline. Makes the trampoline fun for people of all ages. Gives kids a fun, healthy alternative to television, computers, and video games Provides organized games, to help guide children into safe, structured play, and keeps them in their own backyards. Encourages development of proper trampoline skills. Acts as a security fence to keep unsupervised and unauthorized users off of the trampoline.

 Enclosure FAQ'S:

Is the enclosure a trampoline?
No. The enclosure is a device that is added to the trampoline to prevent falls off of the trampoline. Because of the games that can be played in a enclosure, a trampoline is "400% more fun," says one of our customers.

Will the enclosure fit on my trampoline?
The enclosure is a device that universally fits on all round and octagonal trampolines between 12 and 16 feet in diameter, from all major manufacturers. 

How do you get into the enclosure?
The netting overlaps about 2.5 feet between two poles. This double thickness of netting forms a sleeve like passageway that is permanently attached at top and bottom. There are no latches for kids to forget to close. If someone should run into the passageway area, it is as strong as other areas of the netting.
Note: Newer Units now use a zippered opening doorway.

How tall is the net?
The net rises approximately 6 feet above the trampoline bed.

How strong is the enclosure netting?
The enclosure has been tested with forces that exceed the weight limits specified by trampoline manufacturers It is at least twice as strong as competitive models. We must emphasize that the enclosure is not intended, and should not be used, as a rebounding surface.

How long does the enclosure take to install?
There are now 5 enclosure models. Depending on the model, two people can install an enclosure in 2 to 4 hours. A detailed instruction manual is provided.

Is the assembly difficult?
Installing the enclosure is time consuming because of the number of repetitive operations, but it is not difficult. It is comparable to the amount of work necessary to assemble a basic swing set.

Are there any special tools needed to assemble the enclosure?
The enclosure can be installed with a Phillips head screw driver, a socket wrench or an adjustable wrench to tighten 7/16" hex nuts and clippers or scissors. A ladder is also helpful and tightening the brackets will go quicker with a deep well socket and battery powered nut driver.

Should I take the unit down for the winter?
This of course depends on where you live. Obviously, the enclosure will last longer and retain its appearance if it is taken down and stored in the winter months. This can be done in a few easy steps. The re-assembly will be considerably shortened from the original installation.

Should I take the unit down in windy areas?
The enclosure and trampoline should be anchored to the ground in windy areas. During 40+ mph winds we strongly encourage removing the trampoline mat/bed by disconnecting the springs.

How does the enclosure attach to the trampoline?
The enclosure has eight padded galvanized steel poles that attach to the trampoline frame and legs with u-bolt brackets.

How does the cost compare to a trampoline?
Most enclosure models can be purchased for less than a trampoline. The enclosure is well worth the price when you consider the potential impact of just one injury due to falling off the trampoline.

How long is the warranty?
Most products are covered by a one year limited warranty.

Can children climb up the netting?
It is possible, however the enclosure is not intended, and should not be used, as a rebounding or climbing surface. Trampolines should only be used by children under proper adult supervision.

What ages are appropriate for the trampoline and enclosure?
The US Consumer Protection Agency and the ASTM recommend that children under the age of 6 years old not use trampolines. follows this recommendation. All children should be supervised by a responsible adult when using the enclosure.

Will I be able to mow my lawn with the trampoline installed?
Yes. One adult can slide the trampoline from side to side to mow beneath the trampoline. Two adults can perform this job more comfortably.

Will my grass die under the trampoline?
The grass is always greener under the trampoline! The trampoline bed acts as a screen to provide both shade and let some sunlight come through. In some climates, the grass will actually be greener beneath the trampoline.

Can the enclosure be locked?
Yes. If your net is like a fish net, then you can weave a steel cable (like a long bike lock) through the netting at the entry point and use a padlock to secure the enclosure. This will make entry difficult and discourage anyone from gaining unauthorized access to the enclosure.

How will the enclosure affect my insurance cost?
Several insurance companies have informed their agents about enclosures. At this point, these companies are merely suggesting trampolines be protected by a safety enclosure. Some insurance companies may offer discounts in the future.

How many kids at a time on a trampoline?
Only one person should be jumping on the trampoline at a time. Chance of injury increases when more than one person is jumping.

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