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Frame Pads

We believe the frame pad is the most important part of the trampoline. 
Quality trampoline frame pads provide better protection.
Injuries can and do occur from hitting the springs and or frame of a trampoline. You can reduce the risk of injury by making sure that your trampoline has a good thick frame pad covering the entire frame and springs and having it properly attached to your trampoline. 
Don't assume that all pads are the same, they're not! Think about it. If someone were going to hit you with with a piece of heavy gauge steel tubing, like a trampoline top rail is made of, would you want it to be covered in a nice thick, dense closed cell foam pad? Or, would you prefer a thin piece of foam rubber around that same piece of tubing? I know, you're thinking you had really rather be hit with just the piece of foam padding by itself, but that's not an option when your kids land on the trampoline frame! For added protection we highly recommend the use of a Trampoline Enclosure to prevent jumpers from being able to bounce off the unit.

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