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About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us,

Since 1972 we have been providing quality products to customers worldwide. We have always prided ourselves in only offering what we feel, is the very best in quality and value.

We have been selling trampolines on-line longer than anyone else in the world. We were the first and the original on-line trampoline store by which all others try to follow. We were selling on-line when 95% on the population had never even heard of the "world wide web". What's that...??

Many of the ideas and techniques, such as free shipping, combo package deals,
and many others, were developed by us. Many of the trampolines and trampoline accessories that we offer and that are on the market today, we help develop, design and consumer test. We are never shy about putting in our "2 cents worth"!

We sell more quality trampolines on-line than anyone in the market today
Don't be fooled by low prices and all the other claims and hype of this and that being the best made ect... We know what is good and what is not. There are a lot of sites on the internet that have not been around for very long, and will not be in business when you need them. They are just in there to make a "quick buck". Think about it. If it was such a "great deal" or "great product", don't you think we would want to offer it to our customers too? We reject many items offered to us by manufactures, because they are what we consider to be "department or discount store" quality, or worse! We are not a discount store. We are a specialty Trampoline Store. This is what we do. If you want to buy a "cheap junky trampoline", I am sure you can find someone that would be more than willing to sell you one, but you will have to go elsewhere to do it. We have been in business too long to not be forward and up front to our customers about our products. We are very proud of the products we offer. Many of our return customers have been buying from us for years. Their reason? They know they can get top quality products at a fair price, and be treated right. We don't want you for a "one time" customer, we want you as a "lifetime" customer. Feel good about your next trampoline purchase from a company that cares about you, the customer. We want your business and we need your business.

For over three generations, we have been here for you, and with your patronage we will be for many more years to come...

M. Waits
Founder & President

We promise to:

• Be honest and encourage a wise purchase; we are not on commission;

• Provide a full refund, except shipping & restocking, if your trampoline is returned to us within 30 days after your receipt. Please return in “as new”, undamaged condition;

• Never sell a used item as new item unless stated as such.

• Have items based on their own merits and never let manufacturers buy their way into our catalog;

• To take care of you to the best of our ability if there is a problem.

Thank you for your interest in our on-line store.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Staff and Families at

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