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I am so sorry it took me so long to e-mail you. I remember you every day but am such a procrastinator when it comes to writing.

You went above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for! We wanted our trampoline delivered sooner than was supposed to be possible but you responded to a desperate e-mail. To respond late at night after business hours and on the companys day to be closed was unbelievable. Then you followed us two more times. You got us the trampoline in plenty of time for us to put it together and have it up for my son's birthday party! Being autistic, Will loves to express repetetive jumping. He had been jumping on beds and other "non-sturdy" furniture for's was only logical he would love the trampoline. He comes home from school, gets off the bus and without even coming into the house first, sheds his backpack and his shoes in the back yard and starts jumping. He continues until dark! This is the happiest I've ever seen my child!
Thank you so much for speeding my delivery and not charging extra to do it! The trampoline is amazing! So safe and just perfect for our family!
I just wanted to say thank you for going above and beyond. My whole family was here and all of us cried when we saw how much he loved getting that trampoline and his expression when he jumps! They wouldn't have been able to see that if it weren't for you! You're our hero! 

God Bless You and Your Family,
S. Norris

We received our 12' AIRBORNE 12' trampoline MUCH sooner than we expected. I could tell by the way the truck driver was handling the box that it was VERY HEAVY. That reassured me that it was most likely the high quality your web site clamed.

By packaging the trampoline with an inside-out box with NO labeling (*EDITORS NOTE - items DO NOT normally ship in plain boxes but we just happened to be out of printed boxes at the time ), you made the "Big Christmas Lie" we had ready for the kids a lot easier. They were told it was a kennel ordered by my wife's friend for a Christmas puppy. It sat gift wrapped on our living room floor for 5 days. The kids walked around it every day never giving it a second look. They were genuinely surprised when we had them search for there present. The first one out of the three gets to start tearing the present open as soon as it is found. But they looked all over the house and gave up. We had to tell them that the HUGE box in the living room was it. After we overcame all the, "Yea rights", Oh sures" and HA HA HA very funny Dad" we FINALLY convinced them to guess what it was and open it. All guesses were not even close so we just had them open it.

I was afraid three kids were going to explode they were so excited! Of all the individual and combined Christmas gifts (this trampoline was their main gift, what we call combined) we have given them over the last fifteen years THIS one is KING in more ways than one. BY far the most successful gift to date, Christmas or otherwise

We put the video in, watched it and started taking the parts to the back yard. Thanks to the video and ingenuously simple yet VERY high quality design we had it up, springs and all in 20 minutes or less!

I was very worried that the quality was not as high as I wanted (probably because it was a large sight-unseen purchase). After picking up the various parts and examining them closely we were very relieved and EXTREMELY pleased with your quality.

Two of our kids attend a youth group every Friday night. The youth group also has a trampoline. Our kids said this Jumpking is better in every way. Thicker safety pad made of thicker vinyl, a thicker and what appears to be a more durable bed. Most of all the are impressed with how much MORE bounce the one has. In other words they were very happy and impressed. They think we spent over $1000 for it. "This trampoline blows the other one away".

After the sun went down, after a whole day of jumping, they each kept saying, "I can't believe we have our OWN trampoline" or "It feels like we are in someone else's back yard".

Anyway this email is mainly to tell you how pleased we are with your high quality construction, materials, workmanship, design, shipping, EVERYTHING. It was worth every penny in every way. I would add what the kids think, but there are no words.

Thank you,

Eric & Russi E.


To Whom It May Concern: I just wanted to let you know that I received a call from the freight company today about setting up a time for me to receive my order. I am MORE than pleased to be receiving the trampoline a LONG time before I expected! The trampoline was to be a gift for my kids for their birthday on January 3......but I figured with the travel time and the holidays, there wouldn't be much hope of getting it on time. What a pleasant surprise! THANK YOU!

A. V. Hughes


Hi! Our family has loved your products. They are the best quality trampolines we have ever seen. Ours hasn't had a problem for a very long time. Thank-you for the GREAT service. Keep it up!

Much Gratitude,



Thank you so much for your efforts. I think it is a plus! to work with people that can make things happen.




I just bought your 14' trampoline and love it! I really am sure that Jumpking makes the best trampolines.




I must say, my purchase of your 14-foot trampoline has been one of the best investments I have ever made for my kids. They, and most of the kids in the neighborhood, spend most of their waking moments on your trampoline. I have found, too, that it makes a great place to snuggle with blankets under the nighttime sky. You make a truly great product.


J. T. White

Newburgh, IN


Thank You for your quick response to my letter. It goes to show that there are still great companys in this world to deal with.

R. F. Curtis


Thank you for having this website. It listed everything I needed to place an order for replacement parts. It was easy to find your site and easy to find the information I needed.

Thanks again.

M. Larson


To Whom it may concern,

I just wanted to say that I love your trampolines. With out it I propably would never get my back tuck on the floor. With the mats and the soft bed I am not afraid to try anything. I do all sorts of twists, front tucks, back tucks. My favorite thing to do is a full twist.


J. Pettus



I wish to thank you for the fine manner in which our concerns have been addressed. After ordering the 14' Trampoline advertised as the "Christmas Special", we did not receive the complete order and the mat was damaged in shipping. We have now received the complete order and the mat has also been replaced. Thank you, again, for providing the convenience of shopping on the INTERNET and the quick and professional manner in handling the situation.

C. Jackson

Union, NE 

Thanks for the prompt service ...... by the way .... great trampoline my family loves it !!!!!!! Hope you had a great holiday.


Mike Mc 

Thank you for processing my order so quickly and it's amazing how easy it was to place an order. Your web site is very informative and it was a pleasure to do business with you and your company.

Thank you again,

S. Church 

To Whom It May Concern:

I ordered a trampoline via on 12-12-99 for my children as a Christmas gift. I was disheartened to read it would take about 21 days receive it. On 12-14-99 I spoke with one of your employees who said the order had been processed rapidly and steps were being taken to get it here by Christmas. My wife and I were elated to have the trampoline delivered on the afternoon of 12-21-99.

I just wanted to thank you for taking the extra steps to make our Christmas that much more special by having it here on time. It was much easier to explain how Santa managed to fit the trampoline in the sleigh then it would have been explaining why he didn't get it here on time!

Sincerely, T. and A. Thompson


I just placed an order for a trampoline tent and assuming it is not on back-order and shipping does not get messed up at all, this will be the single most positive experience I have had while ordering via the internet. When I first did a search for trampoline tents I came upon the Jumpking website and was prepared to order from them. I actually tried very hard to order from them, but their site was terrible and their order form was difficult and things kept getting screwed up-so I looked for other sites. I'm really glad I found your site. The order form was a breeze, the site was simple and concise and showed me exactly what I wanted to see and the cost of the tent (including shipping) was $30 less when purchased from your company! I'm looking forward to giving my daughter the tent as one of her birthday gifts and I am certain she will love it!

Thanks for being there.

H. Lee


Just to let you know that I received my trampoline parts today via UPS. My kids will be very HAPPY when they get home from school today to see that I have already put it back together.

Thanks for a great product and quick service.

N. Ash

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