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Trampoline Enclosure Foam Pole Pads

Trampoline Enclosure Foam Pole Pads

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Foam cushion sleeve slides over the enclosure poles. Padded enclosure pole foam provides protection from the steel enclosure poles. Determine the quantity of foam sections you need. If the foam you receive is extra long, simply trim the foam to fit your pole. Universal diameter hole size of 1.5". 

This foam is 44" long and Blue in color. Fits most enclosures. The Straight Pole models typically take two 35" foam sections per enclosure pole. Some enclosures only have 4 poles, others 8 and so on. Unibody/arched poles typically will take 6 of the 35" foam sections per arch. Some enclosures only have two arches, others have 3 arches, or 4, etc... Count how many arches you have. If you have 4 arches, you will need 6 foam sections, each 35" per arch. Therefore a total of 24 foam sections for a complete set. POLE PADS FIT 1-3/4" DIAMETER POLES AND SMALLER.
Measure your enclosure poles and purchase the foam based on the length you need.

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